Benk + Bo // A project inspired by the love of hosting and community.

Benk + Bo means “workbench” and “a place to live” in Norwegian, embodying our dream to support and nurture passion and potential in people by creating a space that is inclusive and diverse. A place in London where you can feel at home and welcomed no matter where you are from.

Across three floors of a Brutalist building in Spitalfields, we offer open workspaces, a yoga studio, meeting room and piano practice room as well as facilities for events and shoots. Our on-site kitchen and bakery provides the Benk + Bo cafe with delicious plant-based lunches and treats, as well as catering for our in-house events as well .

Within the first two years of Benk + Bo, our family is growing steadily into a solid team of inspiring people. Each one of them making their mark on the business as it evolves and slowly grows in to something that is shaped by collaboration, gut feelings, hard work, good vibes and finding the living/working balance together.

Three floors of fun

Spread over three floors we've got a public cafe, in-house bakery and kitchen, yoga studio, meeting room, piano practice room, members work area and a lounge. 

We offer both full- and part time options for our shared workspace and members areas. Prices starting at £55 /month.
With your membership you get many perks, including access to fibre optic broadband, unlimited yoga classes, cafe discounts, free booking of meeting room and piano studio, invitations to our events and a private locker.

If you are interested in learning more about the memberships and the space, sign up for a tour and a chat at 

Lower Ground Floor
Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm this is the members only area. In the weekend and after 6pm on weekdays this area functions as a flexible events area. It opens up in to the bakery and kitchen so it makes a perfect spot for supper clubs and food based events. Please see our Room Hire section for more information.

The Lounge - Ground Floor
Through the door from the cafe you find our lounge which is the meltingpot for cafe guests and our members. This is the heart of the building, and where all paths cross, and where we try to make staff, members, guests and bypassers meet each other.

The Cafe - Ground Floor
We are serious about our coffee and use the best coffee beans we can find for our espresso and filter brew. The food menu is filled with both made to order and a counter selection of delicious, vegetarian, homemade and fresh breakfast and lunch options. You are free to sit and have your meal in our lounge, or you can take it away and make your own lunchbox.


Kitchen - Lower ground floor
Our kitchen/ bakery is the heart of the building and also where all the food and bakes are produced fresh every morning. If youre a member can you spot our staff making the amazing salads and pastries here every day while you do your morning emails.
The kitchen can be hired as prep-kitchen and ties well in with the lower ground floor event space for supper clubs and brunches.

Yoga Studio - 1st Floor
The studio is roughly 70sqf and fitted with natural cork flooring, Philip Hue Bulbs which allows you to set the colour and temperature of the lights, SONO sound system and a strip of natural daylight without ruining the privacy of the space.
There is a mirrored wall with the option of covering them with the linen curtains. 

It fits 25 mats, we got both thin anti-slip mats and thicker ones for pilates and cushioning. We have blocks and straps, two changing rooms and one shower/toilet just outside of the studio. As well as having our own classes 3 times a day, we also rent out the room for private classes and self-training sessions. Please see our Room Hire section to see all prices and availability.


The Piano Room - 1st Floor
This space can be freely used for our members, as well as being available for hire both on an hourly and daily rate. It is a great multifunctional room, being used for Skype meetings, interviews, therapies, music writing room and loads more. Visit our Room Hire section to see all prices and availability.

Meeting room - 1st Floor
The meeting room can be freely used for all of our member. If you are not a member and wish to use the meeting room we hire it out on both an hourly and daily rate. Visit our Room Hire section to see all availability and prices.