Maggie Zebrine

Teaching a variety of movement based classes, Maggie is driven by the music. You will take yourself deep into your muscles and into your mind. In each of her carefully curated classes, it is just as mental as it is physical. Release negativity and allow yourself to feel the present moment by dropping into the beat and aligning with your breath. Maggie makes every class accessible for everybody and will leave you feeling energised for the rest of your day.

Mondays 18:30-19:20
Wednesdays 12.15-13.15



By honing our ability to slow down our pace and find a sense of stillness and presence, and to develop our sense of what's possible through body, intention and breath. Natalie's teaching incorporates Buddhist and yogic practices to inspire a gradual awakening of the fullness of our potential. She is particularly interested in how, through developing a deeper connection with the nervous system and the senses, we are able to shift towards a greater sense of harmony and wholeness.

Dynamic Vinyasa
Thursdays 12.15-13.15

Dionne Benk+Bo.jpg


Following years of back problems, Dionne discovered the incredible benefits of Pilates. Teaching groups and 1-1’s across London, Dionne's classes will make you feel like you can conquer the world. Her classes start off gently but strong, then slowly taking your body into some serious core work where you will attack muscles you didn't even know existed.

Tuesdays 12.15-13:15
Thursdays 18:30-19:30

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Dre Ferdinand

Dre is a qualified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner coming from the field of social work. Her practice uses yoga as a therapy for societal pressures and oppressions. Her nurturing, fun classes encourage students to appreciate their strengths on their journey to irie: a journey of being at peace with your current, yet evolving state of being. Her classes empower all to cultivate inner peace and self-love.

Wednesdays 13.30-14.30


Luke Bradshaw
During his career as a dancer Luke worked for various contemporary dance and circus companies. He is a certified yoga teacher, sports massage therapist and is studying Osteopathy at the University College Osteopathy, London. His experiences in the industry strongly influence the teaching methodology for his classes in which he focuses on alignment, tone and strength. 

Power Yoga
Mondays 7:30-8:30

Anti-Desk Yoga
Wednesdays 7:30-8:30
Fridays 12.15-13.15


Rosalind is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher also renowned for her dedication to long distance running and creative spark! She first started practising yoga in 2007 and has never looked back. Rosalind started teaching yoga in 2011, and has taught in Malaysia and the UK. Her classes will help you strengthen weak areas, release tension from the tweaky areas and provide a fun flow, perfect for after a busy day at work.

Dynamic Vinyasa
Tuesdays 12.15-13.15

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Charley Logan
Charley believes when we tap into our inner essence and move from a place of creativity and freedom. With a BA, postgraduate diploma and performance experience in contemporary dance, movement is at the heart of what she has to offer. Come to class for physically creative, fluid flows - dynamic with a touch of playfulness.

Dynamic Vinyasa
Monday 12.15-13:15


Olivia Lumb

As a singer, musician and aspiring DJ, Olivia has always taken a conscious approach towards using music to create an atmosphere in a room. Spending hours a week collecting records and finding new music, Olivia stitches together carefully curated mixes of underground dance music which all exercises are in synchronisation with. Expect a lot of sweat and some serious burns in a super fun environment. A strong believer that we should exercise because it makes us feel fab and not to punish ourselves!

Wednesdays 18:30-19:30
Fridays 18:00-19:00

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Ellya Sam

Ellya is a professional contemporary dancer, barre and ballet instructor from Melbourne, Australia. Her class draws elements from her extensive training in Ballet, Pilates, Gyrotonics and Yoga, and her energetic nature will keep you motivated and addicted. Expect leg shaking, arm lengthening phrases that will work your body to the core!

Mondays 11.15-12
Fridays 9.15-10



Dynamic Vinyasa

Vinyasa Flow is a contemporary, dynamic style of yoga practice which emphasises the connection between breath and movement. Students are encouraged to flow through varied sequences of postures to gain strength, balance and flexibility in body and mind. This creative flow will give you platform to unlock your physical and mental potential. Options will be provided to suit all levels.

Power Yoga 

Power Yoga is an empowering approach to Vinyasa that challenges strength and conditioning further through more experienced asana. Expect a structure that includes sun salutations, standing and balancing poses, twists, hip openers and backbends, providing a practice that can be built on week-by-week.  Variations will be given to suit the participants of each practice.

Gentle Vinyasa

A gentle flow that builds to a fiery crescendo. With a strong emphasis on the breath and solid alignment foundations. Students of all levels are welcomed to feel their way through their practise, and get to know themselves a little better. Expect a solid backing track, meditative movement and hands on assists.

Anti-Desk Yoga

Anti-desk yoga is specifically designed to ease the tension in the shoulders, spine and hips. The flow focuses on un-doing all the forward bending we do over our laptops and phones by encouraging better posture. Expect to feel refreshed and stretched out, ready to tackle the rest of your day! 


The antidote to stress is relaxation. Restorative helps revitalise, relax and release tension caused by daily stresses in the workplace and home. It is a slower paced style of yoga, promoting deep relaxation through a variety of seated poses held for 3-5 minutes.  Through meditative, low-intensity and nurturing movements, this class aims to draw you away from your stressors and encourage a sense of being rather than doing.

yin + yang


Pilates develops control and endurance in the entire body by improving flexibility and strength. A 50 minute class focuses on breath and core development, improving coordination and balance. Don’t underestimate, it may look easy but this is a true challenge of mind-body control. Open to all levels.


A functional workout incorporating dynamic and isometric muscle movements to create a long-lasting burn throughout the rest of your day. It is a low impact, high intensity class using bodyweight and small equipment. Expect to stretch and contract to seriously groovy tunes,  sculpting your arms, legs and abdominals, and mobilising the spine, shoulders and hips. This class will wake your deep stabilising muscles to encourage long and lean muscles, a tight core and an amazing posture. You will leave the class recalibrated, energised, and ready to take on the next part of your day.

Barre (Bums+Tums)

A 60 minute Barre-inspired conditioning class focussing on the ass + abs. Barre is functional workout incorporating dynamic and isometric muscle movements to create a long-lasting burn throughout the rest of your day. It is a low impact, high intensity class using bodyweight and small equipment. Expect to stretch and contract to seriously groovy tunes,  sculpting your arms, legs and abdominals, and mobilising the spine, shoulders and hips. The long time under tension will leave your legs shaking, heart pumping and sweat dripping, but a juicy 10 minute deep-stretch is rewarded for all your hard work.