Members Terms & Conditions



Hello and welcome to Benk + Bo!



We are delighted to offer you a range of packages for our collaborative membership community which includes access to workspace, services and facilities. We offer both short-term or subscription membership packages with the ability to upgrade at anytime.



What’s on offer?


  • Desk space at 4-6 Gravel Lane, London E1 7AW (the “Premises”) during our opening hours of 8am – 6:00pm Monday to Friday, subject to the times of access agreed in your Subscription Option. This includes use of exclusive downstairs hot-desking space weekdays from 8am - 6pm

  • Superfast fibre-optic broadband

  • FREE yoga lessons and meeting room hire

  • Visitor/guest access for up to 3 hours a day

  • 15% discount on food and drink in our cafe

  • Discounts on selected in house events

  • FREE printing, copying and scanning up to A3*

  • Secure cycle storage and locker


Added extras (subject to change)


  • Introductory zipcar offer £25 credit and 1yr free membership

  • 20% bulk printing at our neighbour at City Print

  • Day access for a visitor or guest for £15 per day)

  • Car parking available at £15 per day (reduced from £17 - must be pre-booked 7 days in advance)


What do we ask in return?


  • We operate with a rolling monthly agreement and you must give 30 days written notice if you wish to terminate or suspend your membership arrangement.

  • If you would like to bring guest we ask that you restrict this to one guest for 3 hours or two guests for 1 and a half hours per day. For longer than this we ask that you book a private meeting room or purchase a daily/weekly pass starting from just £15.

  • Please treat our facilities, members and guests with respect and highlight any issues, concerns or suggestions to a member of staff at the earliest opportunity.

  • Learn, grow and share with us - we’re a community of like minded individuals and we’re always open to your ideas for collaboration and skill sharing.


If you have any questions or would like some more information please contact



Invoicing and notice period



When you join you will receive an invoice (pro-rated from the day you join). After that you will receive an invoice on the 1st day of every month. Please pay within 7 days via the link on the invoice.



Membership operates as a rolling monthly contract with 30 days’ notice to cancel. To stop your membership, please email and your membership will be prorated from the day it finishes.




Membership Terms & Conditions




1    General



These Terms and Conditions set out the relationship between Benk+Bo (“Benk+Bo” or “we”) and the companies and individuals who sign up to join as members (“members” or “you”) using either this form or by other means agreed with Benk+Bo in advance.



Benk+Bo is a trading name of Globe Studios Limited registered in England and Wales (company registration number 10225028) at 3 Jarvis Close, Barking, Essex IG11 7PZ.



This agreement starts when you indicate your acceptance of these terms by filling in your details in the online registration form and ends in accordance with the Termination clauses below.



Benk+Bo reserve the right to alter this agreement, amend our services or pricing or end the provision of some or all of our services. We will always seek to inform our members of any material changes as soon as possible, and at least 7 days in advance, in writing. If these changes are substantial, you have the right to resign your membership and receive a proportional refund of your monthly membership fee.



2    Scope of this agreement



This agreement is personal to you and cannot be transferred, subcontractor or sub-licensed.



We may ask you to sign additional agreements for the procurement of other services or materials (such as tuition courses, craft materials, catering booking, project rooms and event bookings) and any such additional agreements will incorporate the terms of this agreement except where they are overridden by the additional agreements, the terms of which shall have priority.



You agree not to impede or interfere with Benk+Bo’s right of possession, general use and control of the Premises.



Please note that



  • Our agreement with you is a license to use Facilities and the Premises as part of your membership as described in this agreement under your Subscription Option and is not a lease.



  • Unless we instruct you otherwise, you may work at any desk or table in the Premises that is not in use by other members during the hours of 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday, or at other times by prior agreement.



  • We may sometimes direct you to a specific desk to be used e.g. if there are events or other activities that require it.



3    Becoming a member



We invite anyone interested to attend a tour, or have a one-to one-session with one of our staff before joining to discuss your requirements and introduce you to Benk+Bo



Once you’ve attended a meeting, you may apply for membership by returning the completed Registration Form (you can fill in the Registration Form yourself or with guidance from our staff). Your membership starts once we confirm in writing that we’ve accepted your application.



We reserve the right to refuse membership.



4    Payment



Your first invoice is issued on the day you join us as a member, prorated from your date of joining.



After that you will receive a monthly membership invoice on the first day of every month



Invoices include the following:



  • Membership fees, paid in advance, as per the Subscription Option chosen when signing up.



  • Additional materials, services and Facilities bought in the last month, paid in arrears.



  • VAT on the above as applicable



In some cases where there are more complex arrangements we may mutually agree a manual invoicing procedure with our members, in writing. If that is the case, please follow this separately agreed procedure instead of the above.



If the Membership Fee or any other sum payable by the Member is not paid on the due date pursuant to this Contract, the Member shall in addition pay Benk+Bo interest on the relevant sum at a rate of 3% above Bank of England base rate (or an equivalent rate designated by Benk+Bo and agreed by the Member) from the due date until the date of payment (inclusive).



5    Members’ obligations



You hereby agree to the following:



We may process personal information about you in accordance with our privacy policy set out below.



You will provide us with information reasonably required to carry out our work and provide our services to you.



You consent to us processing your email address as part of our mailing list for receiving communications relevant to your membership at Benk+Bo



You will indemnify us against all liabilities, actions, costs, loss of profits, claims and demands arising out of your use of Facilities or the Premises or your breaking of these terms and conditions or any legislation in force as it may be applicable to your use of the Premises and membership at Benk+Bo. This includes any loss of profits arising from the failure of Facilities, machinery, or any technology at the Premises.



You will observe any reasonable regulations we may make from time to time for the use of the Facilities, the Premises or the building of which it forms part.



You will do your best to co-operate with any policies we make in the general interest, in particular those which have the object of enhancing the environmental sustainability of the building (for example relating to sustainable procurement, energy reduction, sustainable waste management and recycling arrangements).



You will familiarize yourself with our Fire Emergency Procedure as soon as possible after joining.



You may not:



Interfere with others’ use of the Premises or act in a way that’s harassing or intimidating or causes nuisance to Benk+Bo, our members, staff or visitors, occupiers of any neighbouring premises, nor allow your guests or other associates to do so cook or make hot food at the Premises unless agreed with us in advance in writing.



Sub-license, share or sub-sell access to use of any of the Facilities or the internet, telecommunications or information technology services to anyone else, or use our Facilities and communications services for any illegal activities or content.



Use the Premises or any part of it for any activities which are dangerous, offensive or illegal.



Act in a way which will or may result in the insurance of Benk+Bo being voidable or in the premium being increased



Make alterations to the Premises or damage the Premises, the Facilities, decorations, furniture or furnishings



Display any notice or advertisement on the outside of the Premises or visible from outside it.



Use the Premises for residential accommodation or sleep overnight in the Premises.



Install any computer servers or other similar equipment in the accommodation without Benk+Bo’s consent in writing.



Interfere with the conduct of Benk+Bo’s business.



6    Termination



You may terminate this agreement at any time by emailing us at and adjusting your Subscription Option. If you do, this agreement will end 30 days from that date.



We may terminate our contract with you at any time by giving you 30 days’ notice in writing to expire at any time.



We reserve the right to terminate your contract by notice in writing with immediate effect if you materially breach this agreement or behave in an inappropriate manner. In this case the member shall immediately vacate the premises.



7    Limitation of liability



We will do our best to provide convenient and safe work space. Please, however, note that you are yourself responsible for:



Your own possessions and anything you have brought with you to the Premises.



Being aware of fire emergency procedures.



Advice or action you take as a result of information received at events and workshops or through other members, visitors or others connected with Benk+Bo’s.



You agree that we are not responsible for damage caused by other members or their visitors or anyone else on the Premises other than our staff.



As part of our communications we may provide information about our partners, offers and opportunities for members. We provide this information in good faith, but it is your responsibility to make the judgment about the quality and reliability of these partners, offers and opportunities.



We also take no responsibility for information provided by third parties - members, partners, or other businesses or individuals - on our website, in our newsletters, during events, on our social network on paper or in other materials, and we cannot guarantee its quality or accuracy.



We have no control over the information that members and partners provide to us or share with our members. We will not be liable for any loss or damage occurring as a result of you using the information provided on this website, third party websites, or other communications in relation to the club.



We cannot guarantee any specific result from your membership of Benk+Bo or from using our services. We disclaim all liability for the actions of other members, businesses, individuals, council employees or the general public for any loss, damage, costs or expenses, both direct and indirect, incurred by you as a result of being a member or using our services and Facilities to the fullest extent permitted by law.



We are not party to any contract or transaction resulting from your Benk+Bo activities, whether it is with the public, other members, or our partners. You are responsible for any legal or tax liabilities under existing law that arise from your activities as a member of Benk+Bo



Nothing in this agreement is intended to exclude our liability for personal injury or death.



8    Jurisdiction



These terms are governed by English Law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.



9    Privacy Policy



When using our website and our services you will implicitly or explicitly provide personal information about yourself to us (collectively “your information”). In all cases we will treat your information in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.



Some of the information we collect will be done so automatically and other information will be collected by asking you to supply it to us. We will ask only for information that we think is necessary to provide you with services on this website or to enable you to engage with Benk+Bo and its services. We will not keep the information longer than necessary for the purpose we obtained it.



We will not share any personal information with third parties for marketing or promotional purposes without your permission.



In the case of a dispute with us or other site users, we may use the information you provided to help resolve the dispute. We may also disclose your information to third parties in order to protect our rights and the rights of others, including our legal advisers and law enforcement authorities.



Please view our full privacy policy here.



10    Registration



If you wish to become a member, please ensure you have completed the online registration form



Note that by returning the Registration Form you are signifying your agreement to our Membership Terms & Conditions.