Meet the member : kathryn geels

Every month we meet a Benk+ Bo member to pick their brains about what they do for work and why they chose us as their co-working space. This time we Met Kathryn Geels- director at the European Journalism Centre.


1. What are you currently working on? 

  • Editing a report titled Stronger Journalism through Shared Power

  • Reviewing our grantee 'progress and impact forms'.

  • Undertaking some strategic planning. 

2. What are the biggest challenges of working in your industry? 

The constant changes - be it technology, the way people consume and pay for journalism, or laws and policies that affect good journalism - that journalists and news organisations (esp small, independent ones) have to try to stay on top of and be resilient against. 

3. If you could pick any client and project to work on, what would it be? 

I'd basically like to know that my work in journalism over the years, and what I'm doing currently, is helping the whole industry progress in a positive way, and is helping people who are doing great journalism to continue to do that. 

4. Whats your go-to item in the cafe? 

Flat white. I'm Australian, after all.

5. Favourite part of Benk + Bo? -

In regards to physical space - upstairs, along the wall where I can be in my own work zone but still see everything going on, and stare outside into oblivion.

In regards to 'conceptually' - it's the way the baristas can somehow convince me EVERY TIME to buy something sweet from the counter. I'm sold with a glint in their eyes and their smiles.