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Positive Body Image & Confidence

Come and join us at this event where we explore how to unconditionally love ourselves and our bodies. 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’re tired of wishing you looked different

  • You’re obsessed with how much you have (or haven’t) eaten

  • Your mood fluctuates depending on the number shown on the scale

  • You wished you had more confidence

  • You don’t feel good enough

  • You’re not feeling completely yourself in your body

At this workshop, we will cover tools that can help you with:

  • Identifying the limiting beliefs that are making you feel this way

  • Replacing these with more empowering beliefs that will enable you to feel more alive and yourself in your body

  • Living with self-compassion and acceptance

  • Feeling ‘normal’ around food

  • Creating your best life that is free from body obsession


There will be a safe space here, where together, we will learn to love ourselves and our bodies dangerously, despite our surrounding images and messages telling us otherwise. And trust us, when you get there, your whole world will start to shift and you'll become unstoppable!

Feel free to email me,, if you have any questions and please like and share if you think this will help anyone you know :).