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Understanding Emotional Eating

Diet culture loves to vilify emotional eating and paint it out as a heinous crime. But what if emotional eating was actually just a clue that something else was going on? What if emotional eating could give us information about other unmet needs? The London Centre for Intuitive Eating have designed a workshop to help you understand emotional eating and reframe it as something to be curious about. 

We cover:

  • A different way to consider emotional eating

  • Physical and taste hunger vs emotional hunger

  • The low-down on how Intuitive Eating can help you navigate emotional eating

  • Simple tools to help you check in with and cope with your emotions

  • Self care and coping strategies

  • Where and how to get additional support if you need it

What you get: 

  • 4-hour workshop

  • Ability to ask questions and get tailored advice from Registered Nutrition professionals and a Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor

  • Practical tools, tips and resources for helping you navigate Intuitive Eating 

  • Tea/coffee and breakfast pastries

  • A loaded goody bag

  • Take-home handouts and tools