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Charity Mandala Vinyasa Yoga Class w/ Live Guitar

Come along for a Mandala Vinyasa Yoga Masterclass featuring live improv guitar at the gorgeous Benk + Bo, all in aid of charity!

Based on the 4 basic elements of the universe - Fire, Water, Air and Earth - Mandala Vinyasa is a strong and creative flow taking you 360 degrees around the mat. Each element connects to a certain part of the body and the physical practice aims at working deeper into each of these target groups of muscles.

Olivia Ball @oballyoga will be leading a WATER MANDALA Masterclass - focused on working deeper into the hips and groin in a flowing, spiralling movement around the mat. We work to lengthen and strengthen through the quads and inner thighs, helping to release through tight hip flexors.

The class will be accompanied by incredible live music from Michael Sebastian @bastiancrations, an improv musician and looping artist. Using guitar, beatbox and vocals, he draws on inspiration from his surroundings to layer sounds and ideas on the fly, creating a rich and vibrant sound. His music incorporates elements of modern electronic, world music and jazz in a groovy fusion of different styles.

100% of profits will also go to the Teenage Cancer Trust! This is an amazing charity providing life-changing care and support to young people in the UK with cancer so they don’t have to face it alone. See more here:

Tickets £16 // PURCHASE HERE

Earlier Event: June 23
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