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Tantric Breathwork: An Orgasmic Journey

This is a sacred and powerful tantric breathwork journey into the deepest parts of ourselves. It is an invitation to worship your own divinity and feel the sexy, blissful aliveness present within you. It is a solo practice.

It is for anyone who is curious about awakening their inner erotic wisdom, directing their sexual energy and having a potentially transformational experience.

You are invited to see yourself as a sacred sensual vessel and use breath to ground deeper into the eternal aspect of your being. During this tantric breathwork ceremony you will have the space to tap into your inner medicine wo/man, access your shamanic dark warrior/ess or awaken your erotic god/dess.

It’s a safe and healthy way to release trapped emotions, patterns and imprints that don’t serve you and transforms sexual energy into spiritual energy to allow for healing and awakening.

Your body will be flooded with life force energy during this deep breathing and energetic sublimation practice. It can result in big releases of pain, shame, numbness. And ecstatic feelings of laughter, pleasure, joy, surrender, love.

You could feel orgasmic or you could get triggered. Everything is welcome.

It is an individual healing practice but the journey is a shared one and we will bring in tribal dynamics and group connection to feel as safe and held as possible.

Everything is an invitation, not a requirement. I joyfully celebrate you listening to exactly what your body is wanting, desiring, yearning for throughout the entire process.

What will happen in this 3 hour sacred juicy workshop….

– Opening: group integration, connection and movement meditation.
– A short introduction to the practice and technique.
– The Tantric Breathwork journey.
– Closing circle and sharing.

Practical details…

Wear comfy warm clothing and layers
Don’t have a large meal before coming
Drink lots of water the day of the workshop
Places very limited, please reserve your spot asap

Come and surrender into trust with your sacred pleasure body and open up the cosmic gifts within you. Feel the love, get connected, come home.

Tickets £45 / PURCHASE HERE