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Japanese Vegan Sushi Workshop

5 Incorporated is now presenting some creative vegan sushi workshops!

As you know there are five basic taste...not to be confused with flavours! Namely salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami. 

At this event, you will experience them all. You will learn how to roll a popular sushi for each and enjoy delicious dinner in a Bento with a glass of complimentary sake / oriental tea. 

5 Senses

The Japanese believe that food should be enjoyed with all five senses. The roles of taste and smell are self-evident, but it is traditional of Japanese cuisine to ensure that sight, touch and sound are also engaged fully.

5 Colours

Traditional Japanese cuisine seeks to use five specific colours: white, black, red, green and yellow in each meal. These colours are associated with Buddism, where each colour is steeped in symbolism. Incorporating these five colours not only serves to make each dish look attractive and thereby stimulates our sense of sight, but using a variety of different coloured ingredients also helps to ensure rich nutritional content. 

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