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Everyday Joy - Day Retreat

I have created the Everyday Joy retreat because I know you need a nourishing space. A nourishing space carefully designed for you to feel safe and held whilst you invest your energy in peeling back the amour created by your roles, titles and the characteristics you’ve embodied to get this far.  I am creating time and space for you to prioritise yourself.  

This day retreat is holistic, I have curated workshops facilitated by highly skilled practitioners supporting you to mindfully move, go deeper and connect.  A total mind, body and spirit experience.

This is a truly judgment free and nourishing space where you are able to move through the discomfort of vulnerability into your centre and observe your three hundred and sixty degrees surrounded by empathy and compassion.  My intention is for you to begin to accept yourself fully from the parts we celebrate to the parts we try to overlook.  This gentle observation of your fullness is what I believe enables you to begin to sincerely meet your needs and transition from surviving to thriving.

You will be supported to develop tools assisting you to cultivate a grounding daily practice creating space to appreciate the Everyday Joys that tell us we are LIVING rather than EXISTING.  My intention is for you to leave with the practical knowledge necessary to integrate the ethos of the retreat with your daily life.

There are refreshments available throughout the day with a nutritious, seasonal plant-based lunch provided by The V Spot.