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What would it look like to start 2019 totally feeling yourself?

To show up to the world with..

  • The inner confidence to be yourself

  • The self-trust to be everything you already are without worrying what others think

  • The knowing you are worthy, wonderful and more than anything loveable

  • To feel sexy, sassy and in love with your body

Well lovely lady what better way to start the New Year, than with a commitment to start loving yourself!

Does this sound like you...

You often put yourself down, struggle with negative self talk, dislike things about yourself/your body, find it hard to receive a compliment, or are always trying to please others and worry about what people might think of you...Oh and rarely prioritise yourself?

Well, I've been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I spent many years self loathing and trying to desperately fit in and be liked, after years of being bullied. I know what it feels like to dislike yourself and feel like you are not good enough, to question whether it's you in your relationship, to say yes when you want to say no to fit in, to feel inadequate and to ultimately not have a sense of self worth. I bullied myself for many years and let my negative self talk and sabotaging behaviour hinder my life, work and relationships. I finally realised that if I wanted to have a loving relationship and if I wanted people to respect and value me, I had to first do this to myself. I decided to ditch the self loathing and start some self loving and guess what, I changed my life and relationship in the process.

'The most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves'

In order to have healthy loving relationships with others we must first have this with ourselves. It is up to you to love yourself, because you set the bar for how others will show up towards you. But how do you do this I hear you ask....Well this is what my Recipe for Self-Love Workshop Brunch will teach you; Just how to start loving and nurturing yourself, so you can show up to the world as the wonderful, worthy woman you are, totally believing it. The key to living your best life lady, really is through loving yourself first.

This Workshop Brunch will give you the exact tools you need to head into 2019 doing more loving and less loathing and feeling more confident within.

It's time to ditch that inner critic and start showing up as the Worthy Woman you are!


This is going to be a day of female empowerment at its finest. We will begin with a Coaching Workshop/Talk, where I will open up about my own experience and give you the exact ingredients I use myself and with my clients, to help them move past those feelings of 'not enough', into feeling more confident and connected to themselves. After this 75 minute Coaching Workshop, we will then move, love and appreciate our bodies as we Dance to the sassy tunes of the worlds biggest diva Beyonce. My Sassy, Sexy style will teach you how to move your body in an empowering way, making you feel like Queen Bey herself. This will be a heels Workshop, (because we feel so much sexier when we have a fabulous shoe on our feet) but don't worry of you've never danced in heels before because I will break down the moves in a simplistic way, so you grasp them, have fun and feel FABULOUS!

Once we've finished both workshops, we'll then head downstairs to have a lovely, delicious, lunch altogether, so we can chat and make new friendships. There is something so powerful when a group of likeminded women come together and it's my fave thing, chatting and connecting with you personally. This is your chance to feel inspired, motivated and empowered by each other as well as the opportunity to build new friendships. To top it off you'll also receive a fabulous Self-Love Goodie Bag to take home with you, to remember the day.


This event will help you to become aware of those negative patterns that are holding you back from being your amazing self and to give you the tools needed to take on 2019 with more confidence, positivity and self trust.

I will help you let go of the limiting mindset that's holding you back, the sabotaging patterns, negative self talk and self doubt that is crippling you. If you're ready to step in to your power, to value yourself and own your worth then I can't wait to see you there

You are a Wonderful, Worthy Woman and in 2019 it's time to start believing it

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to start shining your light and owning who you are

  • You want to let go of the sabotaging mindset holding you back, telling you you're not good enough.

  • You want to learn the tools needed to help you truly love yourself and feel more confident within

  • Want to learn how to cultivate a healthy loving relationship with yourself, so you can do the same with others

  • Love to dance and are ready to let go and let out your inner alter ego

  • Want to love your body and the skin you're in

  • Want to connect with other incredible women, build relationships and have a whole heap of fun.

At the Event You will learn;

  • What 'Self-Love' really is

  • My key ingredients needed to love yourself

  • How to transform your relationship with yourself, so you feel more confident and empowered within

  • Practical tools and tips to start implementing Self Love

  • To dance like you are Queen Bey and feel sexy and sassy within

What the day Involves

A 75 Minute Coaching Workshop

A 75 Minute Dance Workshop

A Delicious Vegetarian Lunch

A Fabulous Self love Goodie bag to go home with to continue your self love journey.


Earlier Event: January 23
Later Event: January 27
Yoga Brunch w/ Palm Greens