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Okele London - Supperclub

Ōkēlē is an innovative dining concept by British Nigerian chef, cookbook author of 'Hibiscus' and The Observer Rising Star of Food 2017, Lopè Ariyo.

On top of popular foods reimagined, Ōkēlē aims to shine a new light on everyday dishes in West Africa, especially Nigerian cuisine. Òkèlè is a Yoruba word used to describe dishes made from tubers such as yam or cassava which are boiled, pounded down and then steamed with water. The West African answer to pasta if you will. To those unfamiliar with òkèlè dishes, it could also be described as a cross between a dumpling and polenta.

Guests will be treated to a delectable three-course dinner and a fruitful selection of homemade soft drinks. There are additional tickets for guest who would prefer to enjoy their meal with wine or cocktails.



Akara Poached Duck Eggs in a Plantain Nest

(Vegetarian & Vegan Options Available)


Turmeric & Saffron Eba w/ Pumpkin Ogbono & Rosewater Duck


Squid Ink Amala w/ Gbegiri Veloute & Grilled Octopus


Coconut Pounded Yam w/ Mushroom Egusi & Miso Aubergine 'Steak' (V, VE)


Suya Sorbet, Scotch Bonnet Jelly & Ginger Puff Puff


Papaya 'Sorbet', Guava Jam & Hibiscus Puff Puff (V, VE)


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