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The Life in Still Life

The Life in Still Life drawing workshops is a series a little different to the usual 'life drawing' set up - they are a mix between still life and life drawing. Attendees are presented with a still life composition of plants, fruits, ornaments and beautiful fabric textures, but the key difference is the presence of a model, posed with the elements of still life and therefore, a part of it.

Expect soulful music, refreshments, charming ornaments, a variety of plants/textures, and diverse life drawing models (either clothed or nude), to create a chilled environment where everything you draw is beautiful.

The Life in Still Life drawing sessions aims to:
- Encourage people to create drawings that collate the exploratory nature of still life with the humanistic focus of life drawing, allowing for a space to draw your own masterpieces 'providing invaluable insight into how we live and what we value most’
- Provide a calming space for people to gather and get creative, without any pressure or expectations
- Encourage the use of art as self-care, mostly by celebrating the chance to reflect and create something you can be proud of (no matter what your skill level is)



Later Event: December 3
Life Drawing + Gong Bath Class