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The Art Of You: Day Retreat

This day retreat has been carefully crafted to bring you back to your essential nature through yoga, food, drawing and igniting all of your senses, connecting you fully to a radiance that comes from being the artist of your own brillIance.


Here's what to expect:

10am YOGA

We'll open the day in the best possible way, with a feel good vinyasa practice which will carry you through all the various energies of the elements - grounding and settling into the depth of earth, igniting the creative furnace of fire, energising and getting playful through the element of air and flowing through the fluidity of water...

You'll be encouraged to reflect on which energy you resonate with the most, to carry through to our creative workshop...

11.30am BRUNCH

After yoga we'll nourish our tums with a huge healthy brunch by incredible chef Soph Gordon. Food is all about passion, taste and colour and is a brilliant stimulus for bringing you back into a state of vitality and wellbeing. Food will be plant-based and vegan, any special dietary requirements can be catered to



As we finish off brunch, my amazing friend Cocoa Claire will be guiding us through a sensory experience as we learn about the potent power of cacao. There will be plenty of tasting (of course) and a guided meditation to allow the magic of the cacao to stimulate our creative senses.



Using elemental symbology and our morning practice as inspiration, we’ll play with some fun drawing and painting techniques, conjuring up some ideas to decipher our own expression of identity along the way, potentially finding our very own unique symbol.

Our world is made up of symbols, from zodiac signs to the ancient symbols of the Incas - whether functional, religious or cultural, emblems are used everywhere to directly and succinctly communicate a message or identity.

Human-beings hold pure creativity at their very essence, but finding a decisive awareness of what exactly resonates with us can be near impossible - who knows what you could come up with - your ideas could plant the seed for a future business logo or personal tattoo design!

No artistic experience needed at all, this is just a fun explorative workshop for anyone curious to explore their creative side!


Winding you down for the end of the day, Harriet Emily will play her gorgeous crystal bowls and gong bath while you melt into a lovely restorative practice led by me.


Setting intentions to carry all of this goodness back into our day to day lives

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