Events FAQ’s

Will there be a staff member present during the event? What does their role include?

We provide an Events Assistant from Benk+Bo (which is included within the hire fee for the event). The Events Assistant will be available to provide access to the premises at the start of the booking and will run through the Events Checklist and procedures with you at the start time of your slot. The EA will be your point of contact during the event and is trained on building related queries and procedures. The EA will help you get set up with the sound system and set the mood of the lighting for the event, as well as assist you with moving any furniture during the set-up and pack-down (if applicable). The EA will oversee the pack-down and clean, ensuring the checklist has been completed to the correct standard and any breakages/overrunning have been accounted for.

Can I get a reduction if I’m not using the entire slot?

I’m afraid we cannot offer a reduction based on a shorter time as we would be unable to fill the short amount of time left over/in-between. 

Can we run events with children attending?

Yes, though events with children under the age of 5 years old must be specified in the enquiry so this can be addressed with our Events Manager. We have policies regarding the open metal staircase in the venue therefore risk assessments must be undertaken with the parent/guardian before the event is due to take place.

Is your venue disability accessible?

The ground floor event space and cafe counter is wheelchair accessible but we don’t have a lift installed in the building so the lower ground floor event space and first floor areas (yoga studio, meeting room, piano room) is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Is there any noise limitations? Can I bring a PA system? What do you provide?

We are in a residential block so it’s important that we don’t disturb the peace for our locals. We provide a SONOS sound system throughout the building which you can link up with your smartphone. If you wish to bring a PA, please consult the T+C’s for further information on noise restrictions and discuss with our Events Manager at

Does my slot include the set-up and pack-down?

The pre-booked time slot is not the event running time; the start time is your arrival time and the end time is the time everything is back to usual level of order and cleanliness and our staff member is locking the premises. Overrunning fees of £50 per half hour are applicable for events running past the pre-booked time slot.

What’s not included in our booking? What do I need to bring?

For dining events, you would need to bring your own chopping boards and knives, tea towels, blue roll, ice, all ingredients, table linens (if you need these), napkins, crockery (see our crockery package if applicable). We provide a projector and 1 x active speaker with a microphone as part of our tech package, as well as a SONOS speaker in each room that you can connect to your smartphone wirelessly.

What are your table measurements for a supper-club?

Table 1 is 700mm width and 6,000mm in length and table 2 is 900mm width and 5,400mm in length. We can fit 20 guests around each table.

Will the cafe be open in the evenings and on weekends?

We are closed on weekends in order to create the flexible and adaptable event space for your use. If you wish to add the cafe counter service on to your event, please view the ‘Extras’ section in the hire brochure.

Can I move furniture?

We are a co-working space and cafe during the day so any furniture moved must be placed back during the pre-booked time-slot. We are happy for you to re-arrange furniture in the room to your desired layout (please ask for our staff members assistance with this) but we do not have the storage facilities to remove furniture completely. Please let us know at if you require this and we can arrange for a furniture removal van and will quote accordingly (depending on which pieces of furniture need removing).

Can I remove artwork from the walls? 

The artwork displayed on our walls is part of an exhibition curated by Partnership Editions. We recommend you book in a viewing with us where you can specify which pieces of artwork you request for removal. We will send over a quote for the removal of artwork depending as per the request.

Can I decorate the space?

You are more than welcome to bring your own decorations for the event. You can add to our walls and from the pipes as long as your decorations are lightweight. It is your responsibility to remove the decorations safely and dispose of them. Any damage to the walls must be declared and will be invoiced post-event. We recommend using adhesive stickers for hanging decorations to the walls.

Can I get my stock delivered before the event? Can this be picked up the next morning? 

We can accept deliveries before the pre-booked slot time depending on the amount of stock and our current events schedule and storage limitations. We prefer for all stock to be taken with you though we may be able to store on extenuating circumstances. Please get in touch with with details such as the amount of stock, estimated weight of stock, and the time-slot you wish to keep this on premises.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Yes, you will always need to have your own Public Liability certificate if running an event. You can purchase this here [insert link].

Where can I park & unload for my event?

Parking is available on our street and in the surrounding streets though we cannot guarantee there will always be a spot for you. This is free on weekdays after 7pm and on weekends, and you are able to park and load from the bay directly outside of the premises. Other parking options include Whitechapel St Car Park (6 minute walk). Please bare in mind the Middlesex St market on Sunday’s can make the venue trickier to get to, and car parking spots are more limited.

Can I book an event in on weekday daytime?

Benk+Bo operates as a co-working space, cafe + yoga studio between the hours of 8-6pm Mon-Fri. If you’re looking to book on a weekday daytime, please bear in mind our prices are higher as we would need to close down business resulting in a significant loss. For this reason prices are dealt with on a case-by-case basis depending on timings and requirements. Please email to discuss weekday daytime events.

What layouts are you able to accommodate in your space?

Our event space is super adaptable to accommodate various layouts such as banqueting, theatre, classroom, and so on. We recommend you book in a visit to envision how you plan to arrange the space before your event, but for more specific details about the layouts we can accommodate, please request for our layout package document at

What happens if I break something?

Any breakages are to be reported and signed on the Events Checklist, which the Benk+Bo staff member will be monitoring. An invoice will be sent post-event for the cost to replace the item damaged or broken.