Renata SelmaReis is a Brazilian therapist who supports her clients in integrating mind, emotions and body awareness. She is registered as a member of the Craniosacral Therapy Association in the UK and post graduate in working with trauma.

Renata has spent over 10 years between the very different worlds of Rio and London. This experience allowed her to bring together indigenous South American healing practices, with the strong foundation of western alternative medicine. She also is passionate using archetypes as a guide for self development through astrology and tarot readings.

She believes that the body carries most of our baggage. Physical discomfort, most of the time, is the way the body has to tell us there is something wrong. Any kind of mental or emotional discomfort can appear in the form of physical pain. To solve that she created the Program Integrated Human Development, which is a mix of holistic therapies to help the client raising awareness, understand their emotions and release physical pain bringing the integration between mind, emotion, body and energy level.