Tabitha Cholet

Tabitha is a professional contemporary dancer, trained barre teacher, and certified vinyasa yoga teacher and Voga instructor. After years of experience in teaching and performing worldwide, she creates a unique powerful fusion within her Barre classes by incorporating different dance styles. With her love for dance and expression of the body, she inspires her students to find freedom within movement and strongly emphasises on the power of the mind. Her focus will lay on ensuring that everyone reaches their vast potential and achieves their personal goals. Her classes are suitable for all levels and no experience is needed.

Vogue Barre is inspired by Voguing. This class is all about self-expression, attitude and being graceful. We will train specific clean lines, explore hand- and body movements while using the Berlin underground beats.

Contemporary Barre incorporates elements of Modern dance, Ballet and Cunningham technique. It is a combination of organic and fast paced movements that will make you feel gracious and elegant while moving to upbeat house tunes. This class will help you achieve long beautiful toned muscles while targeting core muscles strength, balance and control.

Find Tabitha at Benk + Bo 5:30pm on Thursdays for Vogue Barre and 8:45am on Fridays for Contemporary Barre

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Benk&Bo Maggie

Maggie Zebrine

Teaching a variety of movement based classes, Maggie is driven by the music. You will take yourself deep into your muscles and into your mind. In each of her carefully curated classes, it is just as mental as it is physical. Release negativity and allow yourself to feel the present moment by dropping into the beat and aligning with your breath. Maggie makes every class accessible for everybody and will leave you feeling energized for the rest of your day.

Cardio Barre on Mondays will use the beat of the music to drive you deep into isometric movements in this ballet inspired workout. Expect your deepest muscles to be humming in this full body burn aimed to sculpt muscle, and increase stamina and flexibility.

Bodyweight Blitz and Stretch 20/20 on Tuesdays will help you find your strength and alignment through a series of warm up exercises and then jump straight into the rhythm with high intensity interval sets to get your blood pumping and sweat dripping.

Find her on Tuesdays at 5:30pm and Mondays at 6:30pm


Helen Faliveno
Helen did her 200hr teacher training with YogaLondon and went on to complete her Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy yoga teacher training with Sally Parkes. Her aim is to give students the best bits of yoga in plain English, making yoga accessible for all and giving people the tools to use off the mat, whether that be simple stretches at your desk, calming visualisations or easy breathing techniques to call on when you need them. To her, yoga is about helping people have a better day . 

You can find Helen at Benk + Bo at 7.30am on Wednesdays and 12.15pm on Fridays for Anti-Desk Yoga. 

Helens Anti-Desk Yoga is a real opener for your shoulders and muscles that get forgotten about while working all day from a computer. This class is a gentle but effective lunch time pick-me-up! 




Natalie Cristal Morrison
Natalie is an established yoga teacher, Personal Trainer, pilates instructor, mindfulness guide and health coach. She integrates these different practices to help people discover a greater sense of freedom in their bodies and hearts. She seeks to cultivate both yin and yang elements, recognising that intuition, stillness and release are as important as strength, vitality and momentum. She teaches to a loyal following of students and clients at studios and other venues across London and internationally.

In Natalies classes you will be encouraged to flow strongly while focusing on how to maintain a healthy alignment of your body. Expect to leave the class feeling more knowledgable about your limbs and muscles. Recommended for experienced yogis.

Find her on Mondays at 07.30am and Thursdays 12.15pm. 


Following years of back problems, Dionne discovered the incredible benefits of Pilates. She studied the principles of Pilates and trained to become a mat and pre & postnatal Pilates instructor. She teaches across London both 1:1 and group sessions and is passionate about helping you getting healthier and stronger.

Dionnes classes will make you feel like you can conquer the world. Starting off gently but strong and slowly taking your body in to some serious core work where you will attach muscles you didn't even know was there.
The classes are so much that you will forget you are actually doing a work out!

Find her on Tuesdays 12.15pm and Thursdays 6.30pm.

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Dre Ferdinand
Dre is a qualified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner level 2 coming from the field of social work. Her practice uses yoga as a therapy for societal pressures and oppressions.
Her nurturing, fun classes encourage students to appreciate their strengths on their journey to irie: a journey of being at peace with your current, yet evolving state of being. Her classes empower all to cultivate inner peace and self-love.

Expect to feel total relaxation and focus! This is a great lunch time break from the hustle and bustle.

Find Dre on Wednesdays 1.15pm.


She started to move on her yoga mat eight years ago in the rainiest city of Sweden. She fell deeply in love with the spiritual practice and started to explore it, both on and off the mat. Dijana is teaching and practicing movement with integrity and playfulness, welcoming all sensations and emotions with open arms. Good vibes will be created and shared through strong and creative Asana. Her passion is to create a space for people to slowly dissolve and unite.

Dijanas classes are strong, playful and focused. She also combines the use of sound and light in a truly special way. Expect to leave feeling wiser, happier and surprised by how quickly time went by in the class! 

Find her Mondays 12.15pm and Tuesdays 07.30am.


She is a certified Forrest Yoga teacher and Guardian-in Training, also renowned for her dedication to long distance running, and creative spark!
She first started practising yoga in 2007, and has never looked back! Rosalind started teaching yoga in 2011, and has taught in Malaysia and the UK. In addition to teaching regular public classes and workshops, Rosalind also regularly works as an assistant to Ana Forrest during her workshops and teacher trainings around the world.

Rosalinds classes will make you find space in your body that you never found before. You will understand your poses and movements in a whole new and different way. Expect doing targeted muscle work while being so focused that you forget how difficult it is.

Find her on Tuesdays 6.30pm.


Gail Wilkinson
She is a strength and conditioning coach, performance specialist, cyclist, triathlete and lover of all things endurance sport. She also teaches yoga. She works with companies focussing on marginal gains to achieve optimum performance for employees. She works with individuals helping them to be better versions of themselves. She enjoys exploring the connection between endurance sports and high achievement, with wellbeing and success in all areas of life.

Gail is one of the warmest souls you will meet. She has an incredible knowledge of the body and her beginners class will make you feel welcomed and confident as soon as you step in to the room! 

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Chris Noyes
Chris is super passionate about helping others improve their health and life balance. He has a solid understanding of how the practice of yoga reduces stress and improves wellbeing as he has experienced this in his own life transformation.
A previously overworked corporate professional who allowed his career and hedonism to overwhelm his life, causing detrimental effects on his health and well-being. Chris turned it around and now brings calm, balance and health/ well-being into all aspects of his life. His mission is to help others to find their own balance, happiness and well-being.

Chris is a qualified yoga teacher, has 20 years of meditation experience, 10 years yoga practice, a degree in exercise physiology and used to be a personal trainer. He is a musician and also a martial artist and boxer.
Chris combines the elements of mind, body and spirit into classes, whilst making them welcoming, playful and available to all.

Find Chris on Fridays 07.30am. 


Qualified from Sampoorna Yoga in Goa in January 2018. She teaches creative Vinyasa sequences inspired by her deep love of fresh air and nature. Louise’s easy-going manner and patient, uplifting teaching style is guaranteed to put you at ease throughout your practice. You can expect a slow flow and good vibes set to a chill playlist. Open for all levels.

Find Louise on Thursdays 07.30am.


Arabella Blaker Stevens
Arabella has an authentic, non-judgemental teaching style linking compassion-centred philosophy with yoga. Her classes focus on knitting together yogic tradition with the anatomy and biochemistry of the body; linking in knowledge and understanding from her studies as a Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath. 

Striving for balance and harmony within our lives, Arabella invites you to connect with yourself and grow both on and off the mat. She holds a space for you to create a more happy, balanced state of mind and loving attitude towards yourself. Arabella is a caring teacher dedicated to improving the lives of her students for both themselves and others around them. Phsyically, mentally, and soulfully.

Find Arabella on Monday mornings 7.30am .
Open for all levels.


Olivia Lumb

As a singer and musician, Olivia has always taken a conscious approach to creating an atmosphere. Her classes are no exception. She will guide you through a variety of exercises to the rhythm of carefully curated, groovy house mixes with a strong focus on using correct form to feel the burn in the right places.

Olivia has spent over 8 years dipping into many different styles of fitness and believes that a combination of them all is the key to a beautifully balanced body. Expect a lot of sweat and some serious burns in a super fun environment. A strong believer that we should exercise because it makes us feel fab and not to punish ourselves. After all, the best way to get a six-pack is a combination of laughing and a few core exercises thrown in, right?

Find Olivia teaching Lumb’s Bums + Tums at 6.30pm on Wednesdays.

Lumb's Bums + Tums is a 50 minute cardio & conditioning class to burn fat, build strength and improve posture, focusing on the lower body & core. More info available on MindBody.

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Ellya Sam

Ellya is a professional contemporary dancer, barre and ballet instructor from Melbourne, Australia. She holds a First Class degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts and is a certified Royal Academy of Dance Vocational and Graded instructor. Her class draws elements from her extensive training in Ballet, Pilates, Gyrotonics and Yoga and her energetic nature will keep you motivated and addicted. Expect leg shaking, arm lengthening phrases that will work your body to the core!

Find Ellya teaching Barre at 11.15am on Mondays (from 3rd June onwards).

This Barre class is a 45 minute functional workout incorporating dynamic and isometric muscle movements to create a long-lasting burn throughout the rest of your day. It is a low impact, high intensity class using bodyweight and small equipment. This class will wake your deep stabilising muscles to encourage long and lean muscles, a tight core and an amazing posture. You will leave the class recalibrated, energised, and ready to take on the next part of your day head on.