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Mother Rising Pregnancy Retreat

This is a day to nurture and prepare you in your journey towards birth and motherhood, to allow time and space to enjoy and embrace your pregnancy, to connect with your growing baby, and to meet other mothers-to-be.

+ Yoga

Enjoy a wonderful Pregnancy Yoga class to help you move your body and find comfort, relief and relaxation in the many changes that your body is going through. The sequence of postures, movement and breath work can help prepare the body and the mind for labour and for your rise into motherhood.

+ Hypnobirthing

By focusing on the key principles of hypnobirthing you will learn how your incredible body works during labour, how to create the optimal hormonal situation for birth and how to release any fear and tension surrounding pregnancy and birth.

+ Aromatherapy

You will blend your own bespoke massage oil for labour and learn the qualities and physiological effects of four key essential oils that can be an amazing tool during pregnancy and labour; helping you to be calm, focused and strong.

+ Fourth Trimester Planning

Learn the essential art of nourishing yourself throughout your pregnancy and as a new mother. By creating a plan for your fourth trimester you will set yourself up for the days and weeks after birth and your own personal period of transition into motherhood.

+ Nutrition

You will learn about the essentials of nutrition in pregnancy and how to make sure you are giving your body and your baby the best building blocks possible. You will also enjoy a nutritious, delicious and energising lunch

And with all that you will take home a Mother Rising bag of lovely handpicked products that we love and want to share with you.

We can’t wait to experience this wonderful day with you!

Lots of love,

Sara & Chloe x

About Us

Mother Rising retreats were set up by Sara Slide and Chloe Brown. Sara is a Hypnobirthing teacher, an aromatherapy for childbirth practitioner and is training to be a mindful breastfeeding practitioner. Chloe is a Yoga teacher and a Nutritional Therapist who specialises in pre and post natal support.

Both Sara and Chloe are passionate about promoting positive pregnancies, births and fourth trimester experiences for mothers and want to educate women in how important this is and how they can really nurture themselves, as well as providing retreats to do just that.

Mother Rising Retreats are suitable during the second and third trimester.


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