Benk+Bo Kitchen also provides fantastic off-site catering, ranging from our daily counter of salads, lunch items, drinks and baked treats!



We offer between 3 to 5 different daily changing salads on our cafe counter, and they are the heart and soul of the lunch at Benk+Bo. They taste amazing in a mixed box on their own, or if you’re craving something more, add another lunch option into the mix!

All the salads are made from scratch with the best ingredients we can find in the season, they are fresh every day, and only travel from our kitchen just downstairs.


Lunch options

All our lunch is designed to work together and compliment each other in a lunch box, and this is how we came to create our other lunch options.

There are stayers like the frittata, the vegan tart and the veggie sausage roll but we also do specials every week to make sure we get variety for your lunch boxes. All freshly made, all healthy but still tasty, all made by hand in the Benk+Bo Kitchen.



We don’t like to scream and shout about being all vegetarian, but we are. We got the most delicious vegan sausage roll, all the salads are always vegan and we put a lot of work into finding replacement ingredients that tastes better than butter, pastry, mayo, gelatine, meat or eggs. This makes our food more sustainable, healthy, clean and super tasty.



All our food is made fresh every morning, by team Benk+Bo and freelance kitchen staff, all cooking and baking around a big table just below the cafe.

We try our very best to have as little waste as possible, be as sustainable as we can, and make sure we have partnerships in place to sell on food on those days we don’t completely sell out of our lunch section.


food we love

We try to make sure we always make food we would like to eat ourselves, and try our very best to eliminate the barrier between the customer and our kitchen. We had no designated menu developer or branding experts, but a really good set of friends who tasted a lot of amazing test runs for what we wanted to serve.

Our kitchen team is lead by Lizzy Kaplan, who runs a tight, healthy, and super tasty ship!


Ordering your catering from Benk+Bo

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